Suction Cups: Interesting Features, Uses and Types

It is the most commonly used tool for both household and industrial How many cups are there in 32 ounces. With a shape equal to half a sphere, this device is either made of plastic or rubber. According to studies, this device was originated in the early 3rd century B.C but it was made of gourds which were halved in size.

In the earlier days, it was used as a major medical device which was used to suck blood from internal organs. It was believed to have cured many diseases though it is considered a futile method today.

Suction cups adhere to surfaces on their own but the surfaces must be smooth and non-porous. These cups stick onto surfaces through the process of suction and so it is known by this particular name. Usually these cups stick to surfaces such as metal and glass. It seldom sticks to wood and other rough surfaces unless it has a smooth finish.

Though theses cups adhere to surfaces like magic, it is actually the atmospheric pressure that holds the cup to the surface. For these cups to function accurately it is quite important to meet a few requirements. It must be made of non-porous and malleable material. It should be resilient at the same time so that internal pressure can be built. The rim of the cup must be sealable so that there is no space for air or liquid to seep in.

Window shades: It is used with window shades in cars to block the harsh rays of the sun. These cups hold the shades to the glasses appropriately.

To hook and hang items: It can also be used with hooks to hang calendars, posters and so forth onto the walls.

For rugs and mats: It is also used to stick rugs and mats onto the floors. It is specifically designed for bathroom mats and rugs which are placed near the bathing tubs. These cups prevent the rugs from slipping.

Glass plates: The greatest advantage of the suction cups includes handling and installing huge plates of glass. Glass plates are quite heavy, slippery and fragile. It requires proper care while being handled. Special cups have been designed for handling heavy items such as glass. Most of these cups are operated mechanically.

Cup darts: Another popular use of this device is associated with cup darts. Unlike the metal darts, it is safe and can be used by children too. It sticks to glass and other smooth surfaces when thrown.

There are quite a huge variety of suction cups available in the online stores and some of the most important ones include the elastic cups, the high pressure cups, rubber cup, industrial cup, compact cup, vacuum pads cup, flexible rubber cups, automatic handling cups, precision cup, light-weight cup and so forth. Different types of cups are necessary for various applications. Most of the authentic websites sell these cups at affordable price rates.

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