Basic Facts About Cook Islands

Scattered across the Pacific Family Island Hack, a group of beautiful islands known for their warm, welcoming people and fantastic beaches. Made up of 15 islands, the Cook Islands is a self-governing parliamentary democracy which is in free association with New Zealand. Each of the 15 islands offers a unique experience to its visitors. Tourists interested in going to this side of the Pacific ought to know a few facts about the Cook Islands.

Located between Fiji and French Polynesia, the Cook Islands is very different from its neighbors. Although a popular tourist destination, the Cook Islands are still unspoiled by the influx of adventurers and visitors. Those who want to get away from the city life should head to the Cook Islands, as a vacation in the islands is a very different experience. A stay in the Cook Islands would mean the absence of high-rise buildings, the blaring noise of traffic, and the usual hustle and bustle of city life. Guests would be lulled into tranquility during their stay at the Cook Islands.

Of the 15 islands, Rarotonga is the Cook Islands’ capital island. Tourists would find that the Cook Islands climate adds to its beauty, as the 15 islands have equable climate. Its tropical heat and warm sun makes it one of the best destinations for beach lovers looking to spend a couple of days in the sun and sand. Like its neighbors, the Cook Islands climate is tropical, with the warmer season in November to March. Temperatures during these months range from 22-28°C. The months of April to December is the Cook Islands’ cooler season, with temperatures ranging from 20-26°C. The best time to go to the Cook Islands is during the months of September and October. During these months, the Cook Islands weather is temperate, as the heat of the day is bearable, while the night air is cool and crisp.

If the beaches and scenery of the Cook Islands aren’t enough reasons for tourists to go, then perhaps watching a live Polynesian dance would be enough motivation. An annual dance competition is set during the month of April. With pulsating beats punctuating the sway of hips and stomps of feet, guests would be transfixed by watching the dance competition in the Cook Islands.

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