Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

Over the last several years, another type of قیمت یونیت دندانپزشکی health benefit has appeared. This is the discount dental plan. This more affordable dental plan is generally relatively inexpensive for both the member and the company, as well as providing some business benefit to the healthcare provider – the dentist.

It is easiest to think of the discount dental plan as a sort of club. Shopping clubs such as Sam’s Club are somewhat similar. For a membership fee, the member gets to purchase goods and/or services at a cost lower than would be paid without the membership.

The “club” managers find dentists who agree to provide their regular services at reduced rates for members. These reduced rates may be expresses in terms of a percentage off what is referred to as the provider’s “normal and customary” fees, or a specific price lower than the normal and customary fees may be agreed upon.

Unlike insurance, where claims may have to be filed, participation percentages computed, prior authorization may have to be obtained, among other bureaucratic procedures, most discount dental plans are active upon receipt of the first membership fee, which is normally paid monthly. The member is now able to search through the participating providers, find the one they want to see, and make an appointment.

Under an insurance policy, the patient is generally responsible for a deductible amount, and then, once that deductible has been met, will pay a percentage of the following bills until another limit has been met, and then the insurance company will assume responsibility for paying all additional charges. At the provider’s office, they may ask for payment upfront letting the patient deal with getting the insurance company to pay its share, or, the provider may bill.

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