Factors To Be Considered For Selecting The Best Tube Bending Machinery

There are many tube bending techniques such as manual tube bending, semi automatic, CNC busbar machine and other types. While selecting a particular tube bending machinery it is essential to consider various factors such as price, precision and the repeatability of the task. Here is a list of factors that are to be considered while selecting tube bending machinery.

1. Cost of the bending equipment: Generally, the cost of bending machines varies with the manufacturer, the features offered and its capacity. The cost of the equipment increases with size. The larger machines are generally custom built as per the requirement.

2. Expected returns: One essential factor for the success of any business is the returns obtained on the investment made on machinery and other aspects. Every company sets its own payback period that is reasonable as per their goals. The payback period should not be too lengthy or too short. If the payback period is too short then the business may become useless.

3. Output: While selecting the bending machinery it is essential to consider the output capability of the machinery i.e. parts per hour produced. However, factors such as the tube size, shape and proficiency of the operator influence the production capacity of the tube bending equipment.

4. Change over time: If you are currently using a semi auto bender then changing to a CNC bender will be comfortable as the CNC tube bending machinery can be programmed to function in a desired manner. However, the shorter productions require more change over time as a result the labor charges increase.

5. Scrap rate: The extent of scrap produced should also be considered while selecting bending machinery. The scrap rate becomes an essential factor for companies using expensive materials. The scrap rate is determined by the efficiency of the machinery as well as the operator. Hence, CNC bending machinery produce less scrap compared to that of a semi-automatic bender. In a semi-automatic bender, the scrap rate increases with the increase in the fatigue of the operator. Sometimes it may even result in totally defective parts. Hence, choose machinery that has lesser scrap rate.

6. Precision and repeatability: A bender is considered as perfect if it can repeat its movements accurately. With CNC bending it is possible to guarantee precision and repeatability. However, the accuracy of the machine also depends on its maintenance. Hence, it is recommended to use good tools for repeatability and accuracy of the tasks.

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