How Christian Books Can Help

College student, I used to love acim bookstore, reading them during lunch break, or in times when I don’t feel like listening to my professors. I remember saving all the money I have left from my allowance just to buy the next book I want to read. Buying Christian Books that can change my life has been a real investment for me.

Through reading my Christian Books, you’ll be able to learn from other Christians that life is not perfect and that only God can give a perfect LOVE. You’ll learnt that He can meet every need of each human being, for He loves them as He loves Jesus.

Christian books helps you to have an encounter with Christ. Through these books, you will be able to know God’s desire, God’s heart, what plans He has for you, and what great things He has in store for you.

As a Worship Leader in our church, I used to invest in Christian books those talks about leading a congregation through music. I read a lot about Darlene Zschech, and her journey with God. In her books, she imparts more on how God meets her, on how she was so thankful that God is the great lover of all and that He can make things right even when she feels that there’s no way out from her situation.

God uses those writers to write about his love. He sends them gifts to write and talk about their love with God. God uses a lot of ways to touch us, to make us feel His presence. To communicate with us, He anointed singers to write His love songs and writers to write His love story.

Christian books are one of the most helpful tools in knowing God’s heart. It helps us develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. For when we read, we find a place where we can have peace, alone in a room and have a one-on-one conversation with God. Wisdom is a gift from God. The more books you read, the more you’ll know Him and the more closely you can get to Him.

There are different books you can find, books about His love as a Father, as a Friend, as a Mentor, as a Companion, as a Servant, as Lover, as a Brother, as a Colleague, the Best Buddy you can ever have.

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