Book Template Can Save You Tons of Time

Whether you are a first time author or preparing for your umpteenth book project starting with the best a course in miracles books format can save you tons of time. The wrong format or creating an inadequate layout can cost you big time in money, delays, and dealing with constant formatting issues. The answer is to choose a professional book template.

Book Template Considerations and Choices

With all the options and requirements, getting your book layout right from the beginning is imperative. There are a myriad of variables and a host of confusing information when it comes to book layout and formatting. Your book needs headers and footers, page numbering, heading fonts and sizes, text fonts and sizes, page sizes, gutter positions, page breaks, offset pages, page margins, titles, lists, and paragraph formatting and much more.

On top of all that there are placement decisions for testimonials, endorsements, quotations, illustrations and the specific pages for books. You also need specific pages required for a book such as a cover page, title page, copyright page, dedication page, acknowledgment page, epigraph, testimonials, chapter heading pages, order page, about the author page and so on. Your book might also require a table of contents, glossary, index and appendix.

Using a basic word document and then attempting to set up all this for a book can take hours to days. Even after all your painstaking time your format might still not be right. Formatting mistakes in the beginning only multiply and can cost you greatly later in the form of more work, money, time, and delays of contractors, outsourcing, web development, market timing, and marketing and publishing deadlines.

A professional book template can solve all these issues for you. Starting your project with the right book template can save you headaches and loads of time. Instead of tearing your hair out over formatting issues you can spend your time writing or planning marketing strategies. The right book templates can help you produce a professional book every time.

Book Template: Printed Book or eBook

There are a few considerations when you choose a book template. One consideration is whether your book be a printed book or eBook? An eBook can come in a variety of file formats such as.PDF,.EPUB,.MOBI, Kindle, iBook formats and much more. Then there is the subject of eBook security. You need to find out if the formats you choose support the level of security you desire.

If you are creating a book that will be printed you need to know the size of your finished book. There are several standard sizes including paperback, trade, letter or one of a myriad of other sizes. In addition there are specific requirements for the type of binding and printing you choose. You will also need to decide how many books you want in your first print run. A small quantity (under 500) can work well for a vanity press or print on demand service. However if you want larger quantities you will need to seek out book printers for quotes. Price breaks usually begin at about 2500 books. The cost per book is often as little as ten per cent that of a print on demand service.

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