Integrating Technology Into Learning

One of the most obvious technological training improvements is the use of CBT, or computer-based training. Many times our perception of techsmarthere CBT is that it is an activity that is performed alone at a desk via a learning management system. Although this is true, you can integrate CBT into classroom programs just as easily. For example.

if you have a classroom course that is lengthy, consider putting informational pieces into an interactive format which participants are directed into at certain points during the course. This helps them learn from someone other than the instructor and mixes up the learning methods. In addition, CBT modules can be used as pre-work for the entire course to get buy-in from participants or as pre-work for each individual module.

Gold particles at this size pass into tumors, but not healthy tissue. The researchers then passed infrared through the mice. The tumorous cells AbouttechInfo absorb the infrared, heated up, and were destroy. They are also working on quantum dots that allow doctors to easily identify multiple diseases quickly and accurately. But the uses don’t stop there. Nanotechnology will drive down the scale of electronics. This will lead incredibly small devices.

The applications are limitless. And you can bet that the military will be clamoring for nano technology. The military is looking to have numerous nanotechnologies online by the year 2015. Such advances include performance enhancing nanotechnology that aids bodily AbouttechInfo functions. These will include response times, oxygen use, and heightened senses. But nanotechnology can also be use for reconnaissance and combat. Nanobots could scout areas without being seen. They could also enter into enemies for espionage. They could kill targets from within the host’s body. The possibilities are frightening.

When gas prices skyrocketed this past year, many people suddenly took an interest in alternative energy and fuels. And because demand rose, companies suddenly found themselves forced to take interest. Most of the common arguments for alternative energy and fuels center around issues of pollution, cost, dependence, and jobs.

There are a host of alternative energies being test. Wind powered energy plants are already in place in many parts of the world. Solar AbouttechInfo energy production has taken huge steps forward with the help of nano technology. One such company is Nanosolar. Nanosolar is producing solar cells that are 100 times thinner than conventional cells.

Not only are the cells cheaper to produce, but they also convert the solar energy much more efficiently. Ocean thermal energy techsmarthere conversion (OTEC) uses the temperature differences in the ocean layers to produce energy. And OTEC can utilize this colder water (36 degree F cooler) in other things like on shore agriculture and refrigeration. And the list goes on.

Massive interest was generate in alternative fuels this past year when gas prices hit record levels. New developments in battery technology could help. One such development is Millennium Cell’s hydrogen battery technology. This technology differs greatly from traditional rechargeable AbouttechInfo batteries in that it’s instantly rechargeable.

It also has a much great efficiency for energy conversion, so it is much smaller and lighter. There is also greater reuse efficiency since you don’t techsmarthere need to replace the entire battery. You only need to replace the energy module. Developments are continuing in biodiesel, electric, hydrogen, methanol, etc. I think there could be some serious future synergy between nano technology and alternative energy.

What most people don’t realize is that alternative energy and fuels always have environmental effects. This can be in the form of heat generation, AbouttechInfo air pollutants, waste by-products, land usage, extraction, etc. Instead, we have to talk about pros and cons around each type of energy and fuel. There is no silver bullet. Costs, dependence, and jobs also vary depending on the energy type.

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