Provide Personalized Experience to Your Customers by Leveraging Salesforce Messaging App

Text messaging apps could be integrated by organizations bulk sms within their CRM systems, which augments the effectiveness of the app by automatically sending text messages to customers individually, as well as in bulk. A robust and cloud-based CRM system like Salesforce allows the integration of text messaging solutions thereby empowering sales reps with a robust CRM-powered messaging app that can help them better connect with their customers with much hassle.

Smart SMS app is one such Salesforce SMS app that has helped organizations to maximize client communication by allowing them to take control of their text message marketing directly from web application. This CRM integrated SMS app allows organizations to stay on the same page with their team members. With text templates and real-time notifications for streamlining texting campaigns, you can also enrich messages to get the highest response.

Listed below are some of the unique features of this innovative texting app: Send SMS in Bulk: Users can send SMS/MMS to their customers individually or in a batch of 200 from ListView on button click. SMS scheduler: Different types of text messages can be shared with customers across different geographies and time zones automatically. The SMS gets distributed on the scheduled date and time to the intended recipients.

Automation of SMS through Workflow: The sending of SMS can be automated by using a simple workflow configuration. The workflow will be simplified by sending automated text messages, so users can spend less time on manual tasks, which results in an enhanced bottom line.

Auto-responders: Auto responses can be set up using this feature. When a customer replies to a promotional message, contest, survey, etc. automatic responses are shared with the customers as soon as their query aligns with pre-defined keywords. 

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