Seeking Online Wealth? – The Difference Between a Scam and the Real Deal

In this article I’ll pretty much be covering File a scam complaint most of the ways to make a good amount of money online, I’ll also be going over some of the scams you need to look out for, and yes there are plenty scam artist online. It’s almost like in that movie “Gangs of New York” where every thief has it’s own name and area of expertise.

Well it’s simply when someone makes an attempt to catch you or crook you out of your hard earned cash by offering you nothing in return. Most people reading this article have been cheated some way or another whether it’s online, offline or in a relationship and we all know it’s not nice. These scammers usually approach you with an special offer which at the time sounds too good to be true and that’s exactly what it is, too good to be true. They’ll contact you in different ways like via text, email, forums, build a full website advertising their services/products or even contact you by mail. These guys will be pretty persuasive believe me and they won’t take no for an answer.

It’s the one that says something like “Your Funds Needs to be transferred” or something like that. It’s Nigerians who cheat you out of your money by asking you to deposit a X amount of money into a account and then they will forward you a big sum of money to your account. The first time you get something like this you will most likely believe them, since they make up stories that a beneficiary died his/her funds were put into a drawing and you won. What a load of bull. It’s a genuine scam. Never believe it.

Never ever believe it. Online lotteries are not held without a big authority audit company verifies this. And usually winners will NOT be contacted via email. They will be contacted via their OWN bank. Never believe this type of scam if you get it via email or if you know for a fact that you never participated in a lottery. You will get robbed if you do.

Scattered all over the place. Don’t get me wrong not all are scams and some do actually offer a fair reward, but still. Online surveys are extremely popular and everyday 100’s of people catch a wiff of this remarkable online money making phenomenon. Well that’s just the problem, a trend starts to develop something gets popular and all of a sudden these scammers pop their head out. There are many companies that actually do what they say, but uou need to be careful you don’t find a scammer first.

Seriously, the possibilities online are endless and there are tons of legitimate ways and markets to make money in. Some of these legitimate ways include Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Google AdSense or creating your own product or service. Go ahead, take a look and research these different business models and choose one.

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