Six Main Things To Consider when buying a reseller hosting package

Are you ready to start your own web hosting company? semaglutide for sale The best way to start your own web hosting company is to get a reseller hosting package from a hosting company and start your web hosting company instantly without buying or installing any softwares.But When buying a reseller hosting package, there are many things to consider . So today this article lists the six main things you should consider before buying any reseller package .

This one is ranked number one I guess. Make sure you get a control panel , Cpanel is the best and widely used control panel for any reseller and non reseller accounts.WHM(Web Host Manger) lets you easily manage your customers and hosting business.It lets you set up , delete , monitor web hosting accounts.

I heard that some companies which offer reseller hosting packages set up accounts for you . You shouldn’t go with such companies because You want to manage your customers and Your customers want their own control panel where they can manage their sites.

So you need to make sure that you get Control Panel and WHM with the reseller package you get .Also any account you create should get its own control panel without paying any extra $$$. These two are very important if you want to keep people from knowing the original hosting company.If you don’t have a private name server then you will be using the original hosting company’s name servers ,e.g. and ns2.hostingcompany.

You don’t want people to make a who is search and find out about that the original hosting company . In order to hide the original hosting company you must be able to make your own private name servers. Most of the times companies that offer reseller packages give you that but sometimes you need to ask them before making any payment .

Why do you need a dedicated IP address for your site and the sites you are going to host? Well here is the answer . When you get a reseller hosting package , you don’t get a dedicated IP address instead you will have to use the shared IP address which the company is using .Even though you can hide them with your private name servers but it will be easy to find them if the IP is resolved.

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