Sport events of the summer in the Riviera Romagnola

It has already come to the 17th edition the volleyball tournament “24 hours of volleyball”, organized by Riccione Volley. On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 of July at the stadium of swimming in Riccione kicks off this unique แทงมวยออนไลน์. Every hour, at the sound of the trumpet, the teams alternate on the field.

The subscription cost is only 20 euro and it includes entry to the tournament, the T-shirt “24 hours”, jump into the pool every time you want during the tournament and take advantage of the “24 hours” restaurant for the duration of the event. If you organize, you can also spend the night in a tent or sleeping bag and in the morning…breakfast with hot bomboloni! An excellent opportunity to satisfy the desire to plat volleyball on the sand!

Another unmissable event for sport lovers is the famous 100km Rimini Extreme. This is the fourth edition of the most extreme running race in Romagna. If you think that the 42km of a marathon are already a huge distance, consider that these brave runners will run for more than the double distance here!

The departure is among the most fascinating, on July 25th at night by the Darsena of Rimini. A long challenge in the dark to test the most trained minds and bodies. This will be an even more ennobled edition, for the presence of Cristian Sighel, the partially sighted athlete of Baselga di Pine (TN) that in the last 24 hours of Mai Zeder has finished in the 4th place with running over 174 km.

With him there will be also his friend Andrea Accorsi, great ultra marathon runner, who will run by his side all night, pointing him the path. The two assume to complete the route in 10-11 hours. A great exploit and never attempted before.

The race is along the state and province roads of Romagna and Marche, the starting point will be from the Arch of Augustus and the arrival at the New Darsena San Giuliano in Rimini. The race has all the requirements of an international athletic competition, an event not to lose, whether you are very well trained and you want to put to the test, whether to admire these athletes during the race.

Another sports competition to be held in Riccione, July 25-26, is the tournament of boxing and Thai boxing, called “The great challenge on the four corners”. This is the fifth edition of a tournament in which the greatest national and international athletes challenges themselves in the disciplines of boxing and Thai boxing.

The event is organized by Fight Club Riccione and already promises to be very exciting and full of sensational development. This is one of the most prestigious tournaments in these sports; famous athletes will arrive from every corner of the world, for a challenge of Oriental taste that will electrify all the fans.

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