Why People Listen to Podcasts

When you are a course in miracles or not you want to made a podcast, it helps to first understand why others would listen to it. This not only gives you insight into what types of people might listen to yours, but can be used when deciding on some of the topics you want to cover with yours. Here are some common reasons people like to listen to podcasts.

They Can Listen While Doing Other Things

One of the main reasons people enjoy listening to podcasts is because the information is easy to absorb. You don’t have to be in a place where you won’t have someone looking over your shoulder while watching a video, so the privacy factor is greater as long as you have some ear buds to listen. You also don’t need to be sitting in front of the screen and watching a movie in order o absorb the information. With podcasts, you can listen to it anywhere as long as you have it on your smartphone or other device, whether listening during your morning commute or turning on a podcast while doing household chores or walking your dogs.

It is a Good Way to Get Information

Podcasts are an excellent way to get new information. A lot of podcasts are meant to teach you something or show you how to do something new. Every podcast is different, but if you want to create a podcast for others to listen to, try to think of things they might be wondering or based on questions you have gotten. If you have a blog and there are some questions that you seem to always get when talking about a particular topic, that is something you can address in the podcast. Many people prefer listening to things than reading text, so this is a great way for this target group of people to get the information they seek.

Podcasts Offer More Personal Connections

When comparing written text to listening to a podcast, you feel more of a personal connection with someone who is talking to you. There is very little comparison to someone having a verbal conversation with you, whether they are telling their side of a debate, giving you a quick tutorial on how to do something, or talking about an interesting topic related to the type of product or service they provide. A podcaster is talking directly to you, so you feel closer to them, which can help you want to listen even more.

There Are Often New Ways of Looking at Things

The great thing about podcasts is that people can look at an entirely new way of looking at things. The person talking is not as concerned about word count or grammatical errors or keywords, so they are just having a conversation about the given topic. Through this, they often come up with different points they might not have otherwise included in a blog post. As a listener, it gives you a different perspective.

Podcasts Are Usually Free or Inexpensive

Even though many podcasts are listed on iTunes, they don’t usually cost anything. You can look at a podcast as you would a streaming video or written content, where it is usually free for you to listen to.

As with anything worth doing, do it right the first time. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. If you do not push for the absolute best quality you can accomplish (within reason, budget and experience – especially just starting out), you will lose listeners faster than you can get them.

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