Luscious Chocolate Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

She wanted it, she craved it, she could wait no more. POLKA DOT CHOCOLATE BARS She saw its beauty, gently unwrapping it from its confinement, her excitement peaked as she saw it in all its beauty, so luscious, so tempting. She brought it gently to her mouth. Mmmmmm, yummy chocolate!!!!!Yes women love chocolate! Gourmet chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate bars, any kind of chocolate! So make sure you don’t forget buying chocolate for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

And please don’t head to the grocery store on the way home from work for your boxed chocolate gift. A woman wants to know you sacrificed, and you suffered in your quest for the ultimate chocolate treat for her. The grocery store brand just isn’t quite the devotion she is looking for. Whether it involves walking uphill in sleeting snowy conditions, or getting lost in your attempt to reach the local gourmet chocolate shop, just make sure you prove to her that you fought and battled for her box of delectable chocolates.

First, a woman can only be with a man who is as educated as she is. This includes all subjects, including chocolate; so read up. Gourmet chocolate has a shelf life of several days to a month because they have fresh dairy ingredients and may lack preservatives.Dark chocolate can expand the arteries and increase blood flow and reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease.

This Valentines Day, try a unique chocolate gift that is sure to wow your woman bringing out both the sultry lioness and purring kitten in her. Take her on a tour of your nearest chocolate factory, or just splurge and fly her to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the ultimate chocolate excursion and weekend getaway.

o Slather you and your sweetie in chocolate syrup for some sloppy, sticky, sexy fun. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate mixture (Melt 16 oz chocolate chips, 2 Tbls butter) for the best 3 ingredient dessert. Then gently hand-feed her these delectable treats for a memorable Valentines Day.

o Take your honey to a local chocolate and wine tasting event. Or put on your own event at home. Just remember the wine must be as sweet if not a touch sweeter than the chocolate it is served with. Try a dessert wine with milk chocolate, and a cabernet sauvignon with dark chocolate.

o Put your fondue maker aside for now, and purchase the latest kitchen gadget. Yes, it’s the exciting, the ultimate, the most extraordinary (drum roll please), the “chocolate fountain”! Your romantic evening won’t be complete without it.

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