Paranormal Activity 2 Full Online Movie Review

Paranormal Activity 2 proves that a horror ดูหนัง sequel can be better than the original as long as the story is intelligent and the acting is good. The writers here were up to the task as this movie is the best horror movie sequel ever made. Watch Paranormal Activity 2 online for free and enjoy a true rarity in horror pictures … a sequel that is better than the original.

This movie had all the markings of being nothing more than a money-grab by Paramount Pictures. It was a sequel to a stunningly popular low-budget movie, and it came out barely a year after the original. Add to that the fact that the “gimmick” of the first movie was already widely known, so it couldn’t possibly be effective the second time through. I was pleasantly proved wrong.

Paranormal Activity 2 is a classic horror movie that can stand on its own merits … meaning that you don’t have to have seen the first Paranormal Activity to enjoy this film. But for those that have seen the first movie, this is a fantastic companion piece in that it further fleshes out events from that movie. And in one startling plot twist actually expands upon the reason for all that happened.

The story depicted in Paranormal Activity 2 occurs 2 months prior to the events of Paranormal Activity 1. This “prequel” ties into and dovetails brilliantly into the first movie. This time the plot centers around the family of Katie’s (from the first film, again played by Katie Featherston) sister Kristi Rey. The family includes Kristi’s husband Dan, their newborn son Hunter, Dan’s daughter Ali (from a previous marriage), the nanny/housekeeper Martine and their loyal German Shepherd Abby.

The movie begins with Kristi and Dan brining their newborn son Hunter home from the hospital. Their home is just around the corner from where Katie and her husband Micah live in Paranormal Activity 1.  As first time parents the video camera is constantly on. One day the family comes home to find the house ransacked. Items in every room have been tossed about and turned upside down. Every room except baby Hunter’s … which was left untouched. In addition not a single item was taken from the house. It doesn’t appear that it was a robbery.

This event prompts the parents to install a fill blown, always-on security camera system in the house. Five “motion detector” equipped cameras are placed in strategically located places around the home …one in the entryway, two in the kitchen, one overlooking the pool and one in the nursery.  Every night after the family goes to bed the audience cycles through all 5 cameras. Nothing happens on camera in those first few nights.

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