New Ways to Repurpose Old Engagement Rings

Because an engagement ring has such significant emotional value, it can be difficult to determine what to do with one that you are no longer using. In some cases, a former fiancé will ask for the ring back, but if the ex-fiancé is willing to leave the in your possession, you are left with a piece of jewelry that you will likely not want to wear. For those who have old engagement rings from marriages that ended in divorce or death, the rings can be difficult to get rid of, because they might have sentimental value for widows or for the children.

Fortunately, there are several options for giving old engagement rings a new purpose, and those who do not wish to wear the rings – whatever the reason – can still find something to do with them.Selling Old RingsObviously, the easiest way to remove an unused engagement ring from your possession is to look into selling it. Unfortunately, engagement rings can be a bit like cars when it comes to resale: they begin losing value the moment they leave the jewelry store. In some cases, a jeweler will take a ring back with a receipt, but this is only if it was purchased fairly recently (and if the ring does not have an inscription). If the ring was purchased some time back, your only real choice for selling the ring is to find a jeweler who is willing to make you an offer for it. Call around to local jewelry stores and explain your situation. Inquire about whether or not, they will give you an estimate on buying the ring.

Bear in mind that few grooms-to-be will want to purchase a used ring, so the jeweler will likely have to sell the ring for a reduced price or reset and repurpose it.Resetting Old RingsAnother option for using an old engagement ring is simply recycling it. If the ring has a stone on it that you do not mind keeping, consider taking the ring to a jeweler and find out if the stone (or stones) can be removed and placed in a necklace or bracelet. This is a good option for those who have an engagement ring from a previous marriage but are now wearing a ring from a current marriage. For instance, a widow can honor her late spouse by resetting the diamond from the previous engagement ring while still wearing the current engagement-wedding ring combination on her hand.

Donating Old RingsDonating an old engagement ring to charity might sound like a waste of perfectly good money, but if the ring no longer has sentimental value to you – and it is just sitting in a drawer or safe somewhere – you can still use the value of the ring as a tax write-off and provide someone else with the chance to put the ring to good use. Before donating an old engagement ring, be sure to contact the charitable organization that you would like to give it to, since many of them have policies on items that they will and will not take. Once you have confirmed that they will accept the ring, drop it off and be sure to get a donation receipt for it.

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