Social Networking Tips: Using Pinterest And Instagram For Your Business

Gramsure that users use to pin pictures on. Users can share diverse images ranging from trending shoes, to a cover for their favourite videogame, to a poster of a critically acclaimed art film. They can share literally anything of interest with others to see, like and pin.

Pinterest recently achieved 11.7 million visits in a month from the U.S. during February 2012, after nearly three years of existence. It has been declared the fastest growing independent website in the U.S. While only one fourth of the entire online population is aware of this site, 3% use it, but the ones who do use it, use it frequently. 50% Pinterest users log in everyday, while 60% anticipate using it more frequently in the future. 41% users pin business related content.

Instagram specifics

Instagram’s image-sharing method is quite simple. Since it began as a phone app, it allows users to add all types of interesting filters to their photos taken with gadgets and lets them to share immediately on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram has remained consistent in its basic principles even after being bought by Facebook for $1 billion. However, it now allows users to create online profiles quite similar to Pinterest’s boards. Instagram has approximately 15 million users with 400 million images so far. In contrast to Pinterest, only 31% Instagrammers log on every day, 40% wish to enhance future usage and only 35% share business-related content.

Pinterest versus Instagram

Based on the statistics, Pinterest appears to offer more benefits to businesses over Instagram. However, to understand the complete picture, a better understanding of both processes is essential.

Pinterest is based on manipulating people’s desires to view images of things they wish to have. These online viewers see many images in a format suitable for browsing that is continuous, resulting in longer visits as they search for users with similar interests.

Instagram offers a personal touch as users upload images of things that provide a glimpse into their lives. Other users can comment and like these images and even follow the users. Images appear one at a time, unlike Pinterest and show in a feed in chronological order. There is no option to share or re-share images because of which visits tend to be brief, where people upload photos, view some others, like and post comments on some interesting things and then log out.

Pinterest facilitates product marketing with its concept of dream board in which people can pin things they have been aspiring to get. Once these users notice your brand has valuable pins, your products can spread throughout the online communities.

Instagram can provide your business a more personable identity. Sharing images of what goes on within your organisation makes people see the human side of your organisation. Also post product images, but in a context related to your audience.

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