The Cosmic Navigator: Exploring the World of Astrologers

Astrology, often regarded as a mysterious and captivating realm, personal astrology reading has been a source of fascination for countless individuals throughout history. At the heart of this ancient practice are astrologers, the cosmic navigators who decode the language of the stars and planets to gain insight into human lives. In this article, we will … Read more

Vedic Astrology – Historical Perspective & Uses – Part I

Vedic Astrology, the Science of Time, the Eye of Wisdom and the foremost among the personal astrology readingof knowledge has come to us from 18 seers. While Varaha Mihira is hailed as the Father of Indian Astrology, Parashara is hailed as the Father of Indian Predictive Astrology. IndianAstro-Physics is divided into 3 major portions – Siddhanta … Read more