The Surviving Christian Marriage

As a Christian myself, I believe that it is wise to seek out Christian marriage counselor before the big day. Marriage counseling for jesus a gospel of love unique from normal marriage counseling because in Christianity the teachings are distinctive. It allows the marriage counselor to establish the a number of factors that can cause issues in the marriage. If there are past problems which can cause the marriage to break apart, the counselor will have the ability to identify these. When their marriage becomes problematic, Christian married couples might find it challenging to resolve their issues. It can be so much helpful for the married couples to start out with marriage counseling. In the Christian view a marriage is bond between two people and is sacred.

Just like any marriage a Christian marriage can run into issues and trials. Marriage is really a lifelong commitment. It has a foundation that’s based on their belief in the Lord. Though you think your scenario is hopeless, keep in mind that a Christian marriage is often saved. I cannot picture how couples without having faith in God might ever hope to survive these days. My strong Christian faith has helped me through the toughest times of my life. A lot of Christian marriages go through issues and confusion that couples outside the Christian community go through day-to-day. This is where your local church can help you. There are other couples within your church who are facing exact same problems in their marriages. Be willing to lean on other people for help. Don’t try to do it on your own. To build a successful marriage will take great effort and time. Pray daily for God to show you and your spouse the way. All issues are solvable to him who believes.

Let your church be your rock. Your marriage should be based on Christ centered principles and on the teachings of the Bible. There is possibly no event as ripe with promise and expectation as a wedding. Unfortunately, expectations of marriage are consistently the trigger of early problems. Just like the Trinity, a marriage grounded in Christ is three-in-one. A Christian marriage is very different from any other marriage. In Christianity, the marriage is between three individuals and only one of them can solve its problems and issues. In society at large, marriage is a contract between two people. The Christian life, including the relationship in marriage, can be a supernatural life. The Christian marriage is the image of God’s relationship with Himself.

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