Wake-up Call For Christians

This is a wake-up call for all of acim programs from the Father-heart of God How do YOU experience these words? Do they sound hollow to you? Are you getting the ‘been there, done it, heard it before’ feeling? Perhaps you even feel offended by the title of this article.

Whatever you feel, whatever your emotion or perception, I trust that this article will entice you to stop and think it over. (Sela) This really is a wake-up call for Christians from the Father-heart of God. If ever there was a time that the enemy is succeeding in covering the eyes of Christians for God’s truth, it is now.

Many believe we are in the midst of the greatest revival that we have ever experienced. Others believe that Christianity is sinking to an all-time low, while others (Christians) simply do not care. Christian brothers and sisters who once were on fire for the work of God have found so many distractions along the way that they have simply ‘forgotten’ what it is like to really serve God. Members or leaders of church have hurt other Christians to the point that they have completely turned their back on the Kingdom of God. Still others have been disappointed by the very church organizations which they so loved.

What is going on in the church? What is going on in the body of Christ, the assembly of the brethren and sisters in Christ? How is it possible that within a couple of decades churches have completely lost their identity, speaking more about aids, humanitarian matters and finances than about the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What is it that inspires Pastors, Priests, Reverends, and other church leaders to begin preaching a message that is in total contradiction to the Word of God?

Why is the enemy getting such outstanding results in confusing Christians with so-called ‘new gospels’? Some Pastors are spending more time reading books other than the Bible than they are reading the Bible itself. Those that are not preaching more from secular books are often preaching the messages of others that they download from the Internet.

Am I getting your attention yet, or shall we continue and talk about the spirit of infidelity that has infiltrated the church? Shall we talk about the lack of the fruit of the Spirit, such as church board meetings that reach the point where elders physically attack each other in the church, because of a difference of opinions?

Let us repeat: This IS a wake-up call fro Christians. This is not a call for Christians to return to their churches and traditions, neither is it a call for Christians to go through the motions of acting like Christians for the sake of family or Pastors like they did so many times before. This is a call for Christians to repent and return to God with all of their being.

The records show that for the past number of decades the churches that experienced the best. growth were in many cases the ones where little attention was given to the Word of God, but much time was spent in convincing the audience to sow their finances with the primary motive of receiving an abundance of finances.

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